How to become a Unicorn Friend

Pinkflower is a plant unicorn.

Pinkflower is a plant unicorn.

Now, some of you might be wondering how to become a unicorn friend. There are two main categories in unicorn friends*:

1. Plants

2. Animals

A plant unicorn friend becomes a plant unicorn friend by planting many plants in their garden, and rescuing plants if nessecary. Once they have done a lot of that, they might be visited in their dreams by all the plant unicorns. Then there will be a ceremony, and the person will be formally annonced as a plant unicorn friend.

An animal unicorn friend becomes an animal unicorn friend by being kind to animals, and rescuing them if nessecary. Once they have done a lot of that, they might be visited in their dreams by all the animal unicorns. Then there will be a ceremony, and the person will be formally annonced as an animal unicorn friend.

Once you have become a unicorn friend, it is your job to help unicorns.

*There are many other categories, some of which I have already told you about and some of which I will tell you about another time.


Unicorns love apple trees

Unicorns love trees! All trees, but particularly apple trees! If you plant an apple tree in your garden, you are more likely to see a unicorn. That’s because unicorns love apples. They taste really good for unicorns.

Cutting down trees makes unicorns really sad. Forests are so important to us and to all animals and humans and the earth.

I hope your apple tree grows well!

A warning from the unicorns

The greenhouse effect keeps earth warm but more recently it has become one of the major causes of global warming.

A greenhouse works like this: its glass walls let warm sunlight in but then trap the warmth inside so it can’t escape and the greenhouse gets really warm. This makes plants grow better.

The same happens with earth: instead of the glass walls there is the atmosphere. It lets the sunshine in but doesn’t let too much warmth out. How much gets out depends on the kinds of gases in the atmosphere. The more greenhouse gases there are the warmer a planet becomes. For example, on Venus, the greenhouse effect is so strong that the temperature there is 200 degrees Celsius.

The most important greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere because humans are burning lots of fossil fuels and cutting down forests. Plus there are 17 more humans every second.

Humans have to find a way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or it will get so hot that there will be no life on earth except for Sunicorns (unicorns who live on the sun) or Hotnicorns (unicorns who live on Venus along with the Venusicorns).


Do you have ferns in your backyard? If so, then there might be fernicorns in your backyard. If you have heaps of ferns, then there are definitely fernicorns around. Fernicorns are very, very cute!

In the picture you can see a very grand fernicorn home. Fernicorns love these kind of curvy-shaped homes.

Now that you know everything about the habitat of fernicorns, I’m sure you want to know what a fernicorn looks like. I’m going to show you very soon 🙂

Unicorns love funnypools

First, I must introduce you to the funnypool. A funnypool is a pool that stands up vertical but the water does not come out. How can that happen? It’s filled with magic unicorn water and so it defies gravity. Unicorns love to frolic about in funnypools.

Humans sometimes think funnypools are large flowers. How wrong they are! If you ever see a flower such as this one, you know it’s a funnypool. Look close and you might see the unicorns inside (if you are kind and good etc.).

Magic sure never to crush a flower that could be a funnypool because you might hurt the unicorns.


Blossom and possie bird

All unicorns have their own magic. If they work together, their perfect magic can achieve anything.

Today, I would like to introduce Blossom to you. Blossom is a flower-unicorn who lives in the purple forests of Arcadia. Her friends, the possie birds, are sitting in the tree and are having fun with Blossom.

Possie birds are birds that do everything like possums except they are not nocturnal.


Unicorns are mostly seen at night. They are very beautiful. If you are lucky, you can see them on small islands with the moon behind them. This picture shows one of the very lucky girls who got to see a unicorn. If you ever see a unicorn, you have to keep very quiet so as not to scare the unicorn away; and when the unicorn trusts you, you can talk to it. If the unicorn likes you enough, it might want to be yours! And if the unicorn wants to be yours, it turns all your dresses to silk!

Good luck meeting a unicorn!

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