A warning from the unicorns

The greenhouse effect keeps earth warm but more recently it has become one of the major causes of global warming.

A greenhouse works like this: its glass walls let warm sunlight in but then trap the warmth inside so it can’t escape and the greenhouse gets really warm. This makes plants grow better.

The same happens with earth: instead of the glass walls there is the atmosphere. It lets the sunshine in but doesn’t let too much warmth out. How much gets out depends on the kinds of gases in the atmosphere. The more greenhouse gases there are the warmer a planet becomes. For example, on Venus, the greenhouse effect is so strong that the temperature there is 200 degrees Celsius.

The most important greenhouse gas is carbon dioxide (CO2). Carbon dioxide is increasing in the atmosphere because humans are burning lots of fossil fuels and cutting down forests. Plus there are 17 more humans every second.

Humans have to find a way to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere or it will get so hot that there will be no life on earth except for Sunicorns (unicorns who live on the sun) or Hotnicorns (unicorns who live on Venus along with the Venusicorns).


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kimicorn (I live in Bangkok with Policorn from Poland)
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 08:08:28

    What a great post! I’ve learned a lot, thanks! I never knew that there were unicorns that live on the sun or Venus:-) I’m turning down the air-conditioning now…


  2. Piale
    Feb 12, 2012 @ 10:04:37

    Thank you, Midnight Lightning, for that important post! Do you have some suggestions how humans could reduce their CO2 emissions?


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