Just Unicorns is a site about magical horses in our life! Unicorns exist if you believe in them!


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  1. Betty Sun Young
    Sep 21, 2010 @ 04:26:48

    What a nice blog you have, Middie!

    I am reading through your posts and comments…every single one of them.

    I agree with what you said, “Unicorns exist if you believe in them.”
    Just like many others, belief and trust is the key to make things happen.

    I will be looking forward to seeing upcoming posts.


    Betty (Sun Young)


  2. Mr O'Neill
    Mar 29, 2011 @ 18:15:28

    This is a terrific site!!! Keep up the great work, I will book mark it and share it with Charlie (Year 3) tonight. I love the storm pic. Great shot.
    See you soon,


  3. Lucid Dreamer
    Dec 30, 2011 @ 18:50:41

    i absalutly love this site and i can’t wait for updates and i really do belive in unicorns!


  4. CourtneyWitt
    Mar 14, 2013 @ 23:57:29

    Hi and I just discovered this blog yesterday night, and I love it!!!! You see, I love and believe in unicorns, and thanx to this blog I can find out all about them! Thanx for making this web site; I love it!!!!!



  5. Charlotte M
    Aug 19, 2013 @ 12:04:57

    Dear Midnight Lightning. Wonderfull site you got here, I just read that story that your mom used to tell you (https://justunicorns.wordpress.com/2010/08/09/unicorn-story/) and it made me want to assure you that rain does not kill butterflies. Not at all, so you dont need to worry about that anymore 🙂


  6. Black Rabbit
    Dec 04, 2013 @ 01:36:54

    oh my hippidy-dippidy goodness! This blog made me realize my dreams of becoming a plant unicorn friend! I’ve already started to plant trees in my yard. Thank you for helping me with my life! Midnight Lightning, will you be one of my unicorn friends? I hope so!


  7. scotland
    Aug 26, 2016 @ 08:59:19

    thanks alot for the imformation, i’m Scotland and i’m 9 years old.


  8. unilover
    Jun 19, 2017 @ 07:52:13

    Great I LOVE unicorns in fact I’m tending for an orphan unicorn foal right now!


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